Friday, 15 April 2016

Evaluation Question Four

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I forgot to mention a few things in my podcast, so I have created a brief presentation including the points I missed.


Evaluation Question Three - Ancillary Tasks

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

I also devised a questionnaire for my ancillary tasks so that I could find out whether or not my target audience liked them in the same way I did with my trailer, The questionnaire was passed out to the same 20 respondents as my trailer questionnaire.

From this feedback, I learned that my target audience believe that both of my ancillary tasks fitted well in relation to the genre of my film trailer and the images made sense with the storyline and drew them in as they wanted to know what the dolls on the magazine cover had to do with the girls on my ancillary tasks. I also found however that they would have liked to make small changes if I were to do this project again, one being that they wanted the magazine cover to be slightly darker and they also would have liked to see the other children involved in the trailer on the poster going missing too. However, the majority liked the posters the way they were and those who would not want to watch the trailer/film did not want to do so because they didn't like to watch that genre, meaning my ancillary tasks didn't really have a positive or negative effect on the likelihood of them watching it. The audience wanted me to include social media onto my poster as it is something they use a lot and it would encourage them to look up the film. I added this below my credits.

- This is where I added the Facebook and Twitter logos in order to attract my target audience.

Evaluation Question Three - Trailer

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Throughout my editing process I had my target audience give me feedback on things such as transitions and sounds. This helped me learn how important feedback is in the media industry as it helps improve the overall product by incorporating elements suggested by the target audience that they would like.

In order to gain more audience feedback, I passed out 20 questionnaires regarding my trailer. I created a presentation to show the answers I was given in my closed questions and answers I was given in my open questions. From my questionnaires and the video target audience feedback, I learned that my audience did react in the way I thought they would. They believed it looked like an actual thriller trailer due to the suspenseful music and the way it was edited. I found that my target audience was an easily identifiable group. From the trailer, they found that the eerie music definitely made it feel like it was from the thriller genre. During the creation process, I found that some changes needed to be made. For example, I added in more sound effects such as the park swing squeaking and the door slamming to create tension as my audience wanted this. I also made the blackouts less sharp and had them fade in as it fit better with the rest of the shorts. I found the majority of the sounds on YouTube and iMovie itself. In my opinion, and in my target audiences opinion, the sounds made the overall trailer sound better and the blackouts fading in was a lot smoother and improved the quality of the editing.

Evaluation Question Two

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

* In my presentations, I did not mention interactivity through the use of social media. I added both Facebook and Twitter logos to my ancillary task poster in order to encourage my target audience, who are at the age that social media plays a large role in their everyday lives, to look up the film online or on their phones/apps to learn more about the films and be more likely to see the film.